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The award-winning Southern Baptist TEXAN is the official newspaper for Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. As the most widely circulated Baptist publication in Texas, your advertisement will reach more than 42,000 homes and SBTC churches.

The print edition of the Southern Baptist TEXAN features two types of advertising: classified and display.


Announcements & Classified Advertising

If you wish to announce a staff vacancy or event for a Southern Baptist church in Texas, we provide this free service for two consecutive issues in our print edition. Submit that information to Gayla Sullivan by the Ad Deadline date on the publication schedule below, including an email contact. Please limit these announcements to 50 words.

Paid classified advertisements and out-of-state staff vacancy announcements are available at a cost of 30 cents per word per issue placement at a minimum rate of $10. Submit classified listing to Gayla Sullivan by the Ad Deadline date on the publication schedule below. Include your email address and the number of issues in which you would like your ad to appear. If you have other questions regarding classified advertising call Gayla Sullivan at 817-552-2500 or 877-953-7282 toll free.

Announcements/Classified Ad Insertion Order Form

2017 TEXAN Announcements/Classifieds- Ad Insertion Order Form


Display Advertising

Display advertising is available in the print TEXAN and on the website. Rates are discounted for frequency, as well as for Southern Baptist-related and other non-profit organizations. All inquiries related to display advertising should be sent to Tammi Ledbetter.

Deadline for reserving display advertising space is 21 days prior to the publication date. Ad materials are due, in PDF or JPEG format at 300 DPI resolution, no later than 14 days before the publication date. All ads must be camera- ready and submitted by e-mail.

The Southern Baptist TEXAN is published by the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and reserves the right to refuse ads for any reason.

Layout Ad Insertion Order Forms

2017 TEXAN Print

2017 TEXAN Online

Layout Ad Rate Sheets

2017 TEXAN Print- Rate Sheet

2017 TEXAN Online- Rate Sheet

Print Advertising Layout



Two-page spread

19.75W x 14.75H


Full page

9.375W x 14.75H


1/2 page horizontal

9.375W x 7.375H


1/2 page vertical

4.75W x 14.75H


1/4 page horizontal

9.375W x 3.75H


1/4 page vertical

4.75W x 7.375H


1/8 page

4.75W x 3.75H


*Additional discounts are available based on frequency of advertising.


2017 Print Publication Schedule


Materials Due

Issue Date

December 5

December 12

January 2017

January 9

January 13

February 2017

February 6

February 10

March 2017

March 6

March 10

April 2017

April 10

April 14

May 2017

May 8

May 12

June 2017

June 5

June 9

July 2017

July 10

July 14

August 2017

August 7

August 11

September 2017

September 4

September 8

October 2017

October 9

October 13

November 2017

November 6

November 10

December 2017

December 4

December 8

January 2018

Web Banner Advertising 



Top Banner

531 x 70 pixels


Sidebar Tall

200 x 307 pixels


Sidebar Short

200 x 104 pixels


Bottom Banner

695 x 91 pixels