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Trinity BC in Vidor is currently seeking a FT or bi-vocational pastor. Please submit resume to trinitybaptist09@aol.com or mail to Trinity Baptist Church of Vidor, Attn: Pastor Search Committee, 2850 Hwy 12, Vidor, TX 77662.

Bro. David McNary, pastor of Pruitt BC in Van for the past 23 years, has announced his retirement effective March 1, 2017. Pruitt Baptist Church, affiliated with the SBC and SBTC, is now accepting resumes for the position of FT pastor.  Interested candidates should email their resumes to pbckriss@joimail.com or by mail to Pruitt Baptist Church, Attn: Pastor Search Committee, PO Box 329, Van, TX  75790.

Tye BC is seeking a FT pastor for a small church with great people to work with. Parsonage furnished. Experience is a plus. Please send resume to Tye Baptist Church, P.O. Box 235, Tye, TX 79536, or email tyebaptistpsc@yahoo.com.

FBC Wink is seeking a FT pastor. Parsonage provided.  Send resume to First Baptist Church, PO Box 266, Wink, TX 79789, or e-mail firstbaptistchurchwink@gmail.com. For information about the church, contact Mary Dodd at mdodd@wlisd.net or Frank Casteel at Frank.Casteel@energytransfer.com.

Lake BC outside of Crockett is seeking a PT pastor. Salary, seminary scholarship and possible housing. Strong core with challenge and opportunity to reach lake community. For more information or to send resume, email lakebaptistgrapeland@gmail.com or call 936-546-1293.



Calvary BC in Vernon is prayerfully seeking a FT music minister. Sunday morning contemporary/blended worship services include a praise band, worship team, and choir. Please submit resume and video to pastor cbcvernon@gmail.com.

Northwest Hills BC in San Antonio is seeking a PT worship leader/pastor to lead blended worship with praise band and vocalists/choir. Some experience and music training required. Salary will be up to $31,200, based on experience. See nwhbc.org for job description. Send resumes to: personnel@nwhbc.org.




Kentuckytown BC in Whitewright is looking for the person God has chosen to disciple our youth. Presently, this is a PT position, soon to be FT. Our #1 focus is: how to be a disciple who makes disciples. Please email your resume to www.kentuckytown.com. 

Cornerstone BC in Lucas is seeking a PT youth pastor. Cornerstone is located in one of the fastest growing areas in DFW. We are searching for a self-motivated, theologically sound youth pastor. Our plan is for this position to become FT. Starting salary $20K range. Send information to Darrell Edwards pastor@cbcLucas.com.

Hillcrest BC in Jasper is seeking a FT youth minister.  Send resumes to:  Bro. David Nugent, Hillcrest Baptist Church, 3196 US Hwy 190 W, Jasper, TX  75951 or email rhondahsm02@yahoo.com.  For questions or information call Bro. David Nugent at 409-384-3371. 

Kentuckytown BC in Whitewright is looking for the person God has chosen to disciple our youth. Presently this is a PT position, soon to be FT. Our #1 focus is: how to be a disciple who makes disciples. Please email your resume to www.kentuckytown.com.

FBC in Jewett is seeking a PT youth pastor. We are located approximately one hour from the Texas A&M campus. We average about 20-30 students between 7th and 12th grade. Must know, love and serve Jesus Christ above all others and be mature in his Christian faith. Send resumes to Allen Crosby at allenc@fbcjewett.org.  






Obituary of Robert L. Sumner

Evangelist Robert L. Sumner (AD 1922-2016) stepped from this life onto the streets of gold December 5, AD 2016.  He was born in Norwich, New York and was saved and called to preach at age 17.  He graduated from Baptist Bible Seminary (Summit University), Johnson City, NY and married Orphina Mingori.  He received honorary doctorates from Bob Jones University and Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is survived by five children: Richard (a Texas Baptist pastor), Ralph, Ruth, Rita, Ron.  After the death of Orphina, Sumner married Dorothy (Tullar Holm) in 2004. R. L. Sumner pastored churches in Graham, Texas; California; Illinois; Ohio.  He served as Associate Editor of the “Sword of the Lord” with John R. Rice.  He was the author of numerous books including “The Honor Was All Mine,” and “Fights I Didn’t Start, And Some I Did.” He wrote commentaries on James, Hebrews, Ephesians.  His books were recommended by such men as Adrian Rogers, Paige Patterson, O. S. Hawkins, Bailey Smith, Jerry Vines, Hyman Appelman. Sumner was founding editor of The Biblical Evangelist (biblicalevangelist.org), begun in 1966.  He served as editor until his death.  Paul Dixon of Cedarville University preached his funeral in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Burial at Lady Lake Cemetery, Florida.

“I never once had to guess where he would come down on any issue.  Where can we find such granite like strength so clothed in the softness of mercy? God bless you forever Robert Sumner, and may heaven bring you as much joy as you have brought to all of us.” -Paige Patterson, SWBTS.        


Obituary of Grayson Glass

Grayson Glass, born May 22, 1929 in Streetman, TX, died November 6, 2016.  He grew up in Old Ocean, TX, married Patsy Evelyn Waskow of Damon, TX, and graduated from the University of Corpus Christi, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Grayson pastored in Collegeport, Stephenville, Alvord, Freeport, Amarillo, Galveston, Missouri City, Texas City.  He served as Director of Missions, Galveston Baptist Association.  He had a 65-year ministry.  He is survived by his wife, two daughters, and grandchildren.  Funeral at First Baptist Church, Texas City. Burial at Forest Park East Cemetery, Webster.     



Church Flags and Flagpoles

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Book For Sale

 “Why Country Church is Still Cool! The Miracle at Marion Continues.”  Written by Butch Ikels, P.O. Box 421, Marion, Texas 78124.  $10.00 + $2.95 shipping.  

Custom Screen-Printed T-Shirts for Churches 

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Two-day motorcoach tours to Sedona and Grand Canyon. Pre and post-convention. $395 - $525 per couple. Also, choice convention hotel accommodations, including two-room suites and downtown walking distance hotels. website: christiantravelers.net or call 219-887-1730.