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REVIEW: Is ‘Split’ family-friendly? Is it too scary for teens?

February 17th, 2017    By: Michael Foust

Jacksonville College affirms president, hires new vice president

February 17th, 2017    By: Tammi Reed Ledbetter

Historic SBC Pastors’ Conference line-up meets to unify sermons

February 15th, 2017    By: Keith Collier

Former atheist shares how she became a pastor’s wife

February 14th, 2017    By: Lonnie Wilkey

Andrew, the overlooked apostle

February 13th, 2017    By: Nathan Lino

Baptists contribute to historic Dead Sea Scrolls cave discovery

February 10th, 2017    By: Rob Collingsworth

Women share their experiences ministering to Muslims

February 9th, 2017    By: Emily Howsden

Passion and Purpose

February 8th, 2017    By: Jim Richards

El Paso area church takes over local bar

February 6th, 2017    By: Jane Rodgers

REVIEW: Is ‘The Space Between Us’ OK for kids?

February 3rd, 2017    By: Michael Foust

Seminary program deploys inmate ministers across Texas

February 2nd, 2017    By: Alex Sibley

Anxious Mom, Sovereign God

February 2nd, 2017    By: Melanie Lenow

90.9 KCBI develops 'Why' statement, core values

February 1st, 2017    By: KCBI Staff

How safe are Texas children?

January 30th, 2017    By: Bonnie Pritchett

Why should we partner and cooperate to reach the world?

January 30th, 2017    By: Gary Ledbetter

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