Reaching your neighbors

February 19th, 2014 / By: Jaye Martin / comments

Here is a list of ways to get involved in the lives of people living in your community.

  1. House of prayer – Ask neighbors how you can pray for them. Keep in touch on needs as well as answered prayers.
  2. Prayer walking – Walk your neighborhood, praying as you go and looking for people and things to pray for. Carry some verses on cards to guide you. Take a small notepad and pen to record requests as people share them.
  3. Schools – Offer to volunteer to help for school functions. Bake things for teachers, assist as needed. Pray for the needs of those you meet. Get in touch and be a part of local Moms-in-Touch groups, as well as other prayer groups or student groups.
  4. Businesses – Ask how you can pray for the businesses in your community. Be available to assist and volunteer as they have needs.
  5. Community service and events – Volunteer for various service organizations to get to know those in the community.
  6. Welcome Newcomers – Get involved in the local welcome wagon or start your own, and encourage newcomers to the area with a note, list of area services including churches, helpful phone numbers, etc.
  7. Services – Look and see what is needed in your community. Maybe you can start a neighborhood watch program or a window washing service.  See the needs and fill them. Use your opportunities to pray and share Christ.
  8. Lessons – If you are gifted in a particular area, offer lessons or extra help.  A few ideas: tutoring, teaching piano, running errands, cleaning houses, yard work/gardening, window washing, etc.
  9. Clubs – Just about every area has some clubs that you can get involved in. Things like gardening, cooking, lunch or dinner groups, singles groups, play groups, shopping groups, tours, etc., are great ways to meet people for the cause of Christ.
  10. Co-ops – If you need any of the services of a co-op, this is a great way to meet people. Try baby-sitting, farmers market or other co-ops.
  11. Newsletters – If your community has a newsletter or newspaper, consider offering to help distribute, type or even submit articles and tips.
  12. Block or street parties – Host a block party for your neighbors. Offer to provide the meat and let everyone bring a covered dish. You can add other attractions such as clowns, face painting, water balloons and games to encourage interaction.
  13. Coffees or teas – Open your home to coffees or teas.  Keep it simple and build it around a theme such as back to school, summer fun, holidays, etc.
  14. Seeker studies – Start a Bible study using a book of the Bible. Set a starting and ending date, time, etc. Four to six weeks works well. Introduce Christ during the study.
  15. Topical studies – Start Bible studies on topics that would be of interest to the unchurched such as: parenting, friendship, stress busters and other areas of interest.
  16. Holiday parties – Celebrate the holidays by inviting your neighbors to celebrate your Christian traditions with you.
  17. Political involvement – Getting involved in campaigns and elections is a great way to meet your neighbors.
  18. Sports teams – Look for ways to host parties in conjunction with sporting events, or offer to help with coaching and other sports-related activities.
  19. Scouting – Volunteer to help with area scouting and camping events.  This is a great way to meet parents as well as kids.
  20. Support groups – Various kinds of support groups abound, and a Christian perspective is always needed. Offer your prayers as well as help as needed.
  21. Recreation centers and parks – Volunteer to help with planning and activities in the parks and recreational centers near you.

Look for places where there are people, and you will find numerous other ways to get involved in and reach those in your community.