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Personalization plus efficiency: a sweet spot for mission

March 9th, 2017 / By: JC Davies / comments

Personalization plus efficiency: a sweet spot for mission

Pastor Scott Maze and members of his staff at North Richland Hills Baptist Church.

In the four years since he’s been leading North Richland Hills Baptist Church and Cross Church, pastor Scott Maze has seen the congregation double its Cooperative Program giving, and the key, he said, is all in making it personal. 

“If you’re going to make this Cooperative Program work as a pastor, then you have to personalize the people behind the Cooperative Program,” he said. 

Whether it’s interacting with church planters, taking an international mission trip, or building relationships with a seminary student or IMB missionary, Maze said knowing the people behind the program will make all the difference. 

“The strength of the CP is the efficiency. The weakness of the CP is it’s anonymity. You have to get behind that, personally, and bring those personal faces to the congregation,” he said. “When you have the synergy of the personalization plus the efficiency, you’re going to hit a sweet spot for mission.”