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The Cooperative Program accelerates gospel ministry

March 13th, 2017 / By: Joe Davis | SBTC Chief Financial Officer / comments

The Cooperative Program accelerates gospel ministry

Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Chief Financial Officer, Joe Davis

Although the “Cooperative Program” has been around a long time, the work accomplished through CP giving is constantly changing. Ministry moves at a rapid pace at the SBTC as we work to provide resources to meet ministry opportunities of the local church. 

As Southern Baptists, cooperating together in giving is part of our identity. CP is the engine that drives our cooperative efforts to reach next door and around the world. CP dollars work in places we will never go, touching people we will never meet. CP allows us all to “belong” to something of worldwide proportion. How else could we build a strategy to bring the gospel to the world? Working together, we belong to a great kingdom effort.

As you think about the ministries that are accomplished in Texas because of your giving through the Cooperative Program, consider these highlights: 

  • 113 church plants were funded in 2016. From Amarillo to Brownsville, and El Paso to Alvin, churches are planting churches across our state.
  • Over 4,300 students participated in youth events last year with 240 making professions of faith and 221 surrendering to the call to ministry.
  • Domestically and internationally, SBTC disaster relief volunteers ministered 51,500 hours, served 172,283 meals, presented the gospel 698 times and saw 195 professions of faith.
  • Over 500 online training videos are available at sbtexas.com/online covering a multitude of local church ministries.
  • Ministry training touched 2,200 Sunday School leaders, 1,906 involved in children’s ministry, 795 in women’s ministry, 1,620 in men’s ministry and 490 in discipleship.
  • An average of 120 children are under care of the Texas Baptist Home for Children, and close to 40 of them find “forever homes” each year through TBH.

There is no better investment of your ministry dollars than the “Cooperative Program.” An effective strategy, multiplied by our efforts together, is bringing the gospel to the world.