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Prayer meeting results in 24 professions of faith at Jacksonville College

April 7th, 2017 / By: Texan Staff / comments

Prayer meeting results in 24 professions of faith at Jacksonville College

JACKSONVILLE, Texas—Two days after Jacksonville College professors and staff prayed for God to “move in a mighty way” among East Texas school’s student body, God answered as two dozen students made professions of faith during a chapel service, March 22.

Donny Sadler, dean of students at the college and pastor of Woodland Heights Baptist Church in Jacksonville, preached a message from James 2:14 and posed the question, “If a person claims to have faith, but shows no evidence in his life that he has been saved, can this kind of faith save him?”

He then invited students to place their faith in Christ.

“When the invitation was given for students to get out of their seats come to the front of the chapel, it was clear that a spiritual battle was taking place,” Jacksonville College President Mike Smith said.

“At first, no one responded. As we remained in prayer, one student made her way to the front. Then another came forward, and another, until 24 students were at the altar. Staff members met with and counseled each student one on one, and every student who came forward made a profession of faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The school has started a weekly discipleship program these students so they can continue to grow in maturity and lead others to Christ.

“The greatest miracle of all is when a person passes from death to life, and I praise God for allowing me to see this miracle in 24 students,” Smith said. “And I praise him because he answers prayer.”