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Chainsaw Crews Help with Tornado Cleanup in Bowie County

Disaster Relief Volunteers Uprooted Trees in De Kalb

January 23rd, 2018 / By: Texan Staff / comments

Chainsaw Crews Help with Tornado Cleanup in Bowie County

De Kalb, TX  Volunteers with Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Disaster Relief (SBTC Disaster Relief) are helping fellow Texans in Bowie County after an EF2 tornado Sunday ripped through De Kalb Sunday night. 

Two chainsaw teams from Mt. Pleasant are in De Kalb to help remove trees from homeowners’ property.  Team leader Paul Easter has assessed the area and noticed a number of trees down.

“One crew is going over to a home that has three big oak trees in the back yard and one in the front,” said Easter.  “One of them landed on a pickup truck and mashed it.”  He said another home they will be working on has “trees everywhere down.” 

The teams plan to stay busy over the next few days as they lend a helping hand to the devastated community.  

SBTC Disaster Relief consists of more than 5,000 trained volunteers who deploy to help their neighbors all around the world recover from natural disasters.