Who’s Your One? 2019 annual meeting theme

March 4th, 2019 / By: Juan Sanchez / comments

I’ve discovered that for many church members evangelism is intimidating, and our calls from the pulpit to get out there and proclaim Christ only overwhelm them. In our church it seems we have a good number of introverts, and just talking about evangelism makes them sweat. In our effort to make evangelism normal, something that all Christians are to do, we’ve learned that being explicit in what we’re asking our members to do is very helpful.

In January, J. D. Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, unveiled an evangelistic effort alled, “Who’s Your One?” The idea behind this emphasis is that every single one of us can think of just one person who needs Christ. So, instead of overwhelming those who are insecure with the charge to go out there in this world and evangelize everyone, Who’s Your One? reminds us that all of us can think about, pray for and speak with one person. It’s not so overwhelming, is it? 

Of course, Who’s Your One? doesn’t mean that you can’t think about, pray for and speak to more than one person about Jesus. It’s just an effort to boil down the huge task before us in terms that everyone can understand and participate in. At High Pointe, we’ve already adopted this language and have begun regularly asking one another, “Who’s your one?” It’s been encouraging to hear the “buzz” of members talking to one another about “their one.” And it’s been encouraging for us as pastors when our members tell us about “their one.”

As I was praying about our theme for the 2019 Annual Meeting in Odessa, I knew that I wanted to encourage us to focus on evangelism. The Lord Jesus has given us a clear mission—to make disciples by going, baptizing and teaching (Matthew 28:19-20). The going implies evangelism, because the baptizing implies repentance and faith and including into the church. So, this is our mission. This is the main thing. And this is the emphasis I wanted us to focus on as we prepare for Odessa.

However, instead of just having an annual theme centered around evangelism—Who’s Your One?—what if, we began our annual emphasis now? The Committee on the Order of Business has approved our theme, and now, I want to call all our SBTC pastors and churches to join together in this evangelistic effort. Would you consider adopting Who’s Your One? as a church? The North American Mission Board has already begun providing resources for  Who’s Your One?

Now, here’s my challenge to us as a convention. I am sure many of our churches are doing a great job in evangelism. If that’s you, you don’t need to change a thing. Keep doing what you’re doing. But, if you know that your church needs to grow in your evangelism efforts, then join us in this evangelistic effort. Pastors, begin casting the vision for an every-church-member evangelism emphasis. Work in application when appropriate in your sermons to encourage all your members to think about one person they can be thinking about, praying for and speaking to. Then, as you hear of members sharing the gospel, especially those who have not been known for it, interview them before the congregation and pray together for their “one.”

Here’s what I would love to see at our annual meeting in Odessa, Oct. 28-30: testimonies of evangelism from those who formerly were not sharing the gospel and testimonies of those who came to Christ because someone thought about them, prayed for them and shared the gospel with them. You can expect more information in the months ahead about our annual meeting, but for now, let’s begin preparing for what God might do through our churches as every member engages in the mission Jesus has given us. I can’t wait to see and hear your reports and testimonies when we gather together this October in Odessa for our annual meeting—Who’s Your One?