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Waiting, for his glory

July 31st, 2019 / By: Jason Curry | TBHC President / comments

I have seen the joy on families’ faces when they have finally adopted. Whether adopting privately or through foster care, an infant or older child, this is the moment—the one they have been waiting for. For most people the expectations are similar: “Will it be a girl or a boy?” “What will they look like?” “How old will they be?” “Will I be a good father, a good mother?”

The journey to adoption is up and down and can’t be expressed here. But if you know someone or are experiencing the process yourself, the greatest challenge in the journey is in the waiting. Waiting on all the different people needed to adopt is demanding. However, what if I told you that everyone who is waiting is not waiting on people—they are waiting on the Lord. God could be building the space necessary in your heart for a child from tough circumstances. He could be nurturing your spirit to love the biological family. And ultimately learning that it’s not your will being done but his. 

God is framing our hearts, fostering our objectivity and fulfilling his purposes. Every narrative in Scripture reveals God’s prevailing timing. The blind man Jesus heals in John 9 was blind into his adulthood so that the glory of God would be revealed. God has a plan! 

Since 2004, TBHC has had the privilege of helping more than 300 children find forever families. We would love to help you in your journey. If you or someone you know is waiting, just pray that God would work. One fulfilling aspect of life is being a mom and dad. When you feel that a loving God is denying you that it is difficult. So yes, take time and test your heart and your objectivity according to Scripture. But never assume you’re waiting because of God’s punishment. You are waiting for his glory! Thanks for helping bring kids home.