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Reach the nations through workplace skills

Colleyville hosts Gospel Glocalization conference, helps prepare local churches to go global with the Gospel

August 11th, 2019 / By: Sue Sprenkle / comments

Reach the nations through workplace skills

COLLEYVILLE – Reaching the ends of the earth with the Gospel will take people from all walks of life to accomplish the task — accountants, students, computer programmers — not just those formally trained in ministry. First Colleyville will host a two-day event to help churches and individuals explore how to use their workplace skills to reach people in North Africa and the Middle East.

The Gospel Glocalization conference will be Oct. 1-2 at the church. The conference will introduce the idea of using what Christians have learned “locally” to spread the Gospel “globally." Churches will be challenged to think how they can use marketplace skills as a way to share God’s love.

Special guest speakers bring years of experience in using this pathway to serve as vocational missionaries in many of the harder to reach places in the world.

Paul Burk has worked as a chief financial officer for Teton Investment Capital and has started several international businesses. He will share the concepts of “glocalization” and show how developing banking software went hand-in-had with starting churches and small groups interested in studying the Bible.

Best practices for marketplace missions will be front and center with Larry McCrary leading the discussion. McCrary has lived in Europe and is the co-founder of The UpStream Collective. As a former church planter, he trains churches and individuals to “think and act like missionaries” in sending short-term mission teams.

Representatives from the International Mission Board will also be at the conference to talk about job opportunities. They will give churches insights on how to provide support and care for church members who take up the call in this pathway.

The conference will begin at 6 p.m. on Oct. 1. The workshops are free, with dinner provided. Register here: For more information contact the church at 817.281.4158 or see the website.

Find out how God may provide ways for your church and its members to reach the nations using workplace skills as business people, students and retirees.