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SBTC to offer traveler security training

November 11th, 2019 / By: Joshua Owens | Managing Editor / comments

SBTC to offer traveler security training

Every year church members travel to places around the world with varying levels of security risks, often on mission trips with their local church. The SBTC is providing traveler security training this Jan. 14-15 for church members going to higher-risk locations. David Dose, a former hostage survival instructor with the Department of Defense, will teach Elevated Risk B Travel Security Training at Cross City Church in Euless.

The course is crucial for travelers going to places where crime, terrorism and harassment may occur, and especially for leaders who may need to coach less seasoned travelers.

Eric Perkins, SBTC missions and church planting consultant, said, “With the ever-changing political climate in the world today it is imperative that our churches that are sending people into difficult areas be well informed.” Attendees will learn techniques for dealing with challenges including petty theft, carjacking, assault, unfriendly governments, sensitive information and hostage survival. Perkins said he “would highly encourage pastors, mission pastors, mission committees and those who are actively serving abroad be a part of this conference.”

Enrollment for the course is open and costs $25 per person. Registration is available online at: sbtexas.com/mtraining.