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Texas dentist, wife win CMDA’s ‘Servant of Christ’ award

May 22nd, 2020 / By: Michael Foust / comments

Texas dentist, wife win CMDA’s ‘Servant of Christ’ award

A Texas dentist and his wife were honored by the Christian Medical & Dental Associations in May for their faith-centric “commitment to medical excellence.” 

Dr. T. Bob Davis and his wife, Janis, both of Dallas, received the CMDA’s 2020 Servant of Christ Award. Because of the pandemic, CMDA members and leaders participated virtually.

The Servant of Christ Award honors those whose careers exemplify commitment to medical excellence along with a “stalwart faith in Jesus Christ,” according to a press release. T. Bob Davis “has successfully practiced dentistry not only on local and statewide levels but nationally and internationally as well” for the last 53 years, the press release read.

He served as a leader of dental missions for more than 44 years in multiple countries, mentoring other dentists and dental students. He was named Humanitarian of the Year in 2018 by the American Dental Association and in 2019 by the International College of Dentists. 

Additionally, he has served as the spokesman for national dental organizations and interviewed by newspapers, television broadcasts and magazines. He served as secretary of the board of trustees of Southwestern Seminary, as chairman of two dental conventions in Texas, and as president of the Academy of Dentistry International, an honor society. 

He was nominated four times for Texas Dentist of the year, winning the title in 2014. He was voted Dallas Dentist of the Year four times. 

“His overarching lifetime goal is to profess the Gospel through his witness and work and radiate his deep-seated faith; when reflecting over his career and the service he has personally and professionally initiated, on all accounts, he has achieved this goal,” the press release said. “Dr. T. Bob and Janis Davis will no doubt be remembered for years to come as a devout dental activists and ‘Servants of Christ.’”