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Meet me in Austin!

September 24th, 2020 / By: Kie Bowman | SBTC President / comments

Meet me in Austin!

How will we remember 2020? A friend of mine was called to pastor a megachurch and was immediately confronted by the tsunami of demands associated with leading such a large church. One day I asked him about the transition; and his truthful but humorous answer will never be forgotten. He said, “Before I came I couldn’t imagine it. Now that I’m here I can’t describe it.” 

Maybe most of us can relate—especially when we think about what we’ve been through in the last few months. Before the disruption of COVID-19 we couldn’t imagine it—now it’s hard to describe it! 

As a pastor I’ve seen plenty of disruption and setback in this season of pandemic, but two challenges that stand out are the interruption of fellowship and the hindrances imposed upon evangelism. On Nov. 9-10 in Austin, I propose we do something about both of these problems. Let’s meet in Austin for good Christian fellowship, stirring Bible preaching, excellent worship, and the joy of seeing and being with our friends in the SBTC. Also, we are planning a convention focused on reaching the lost! 

I believe the biggest challenge facing us right now is the lack of effective evangelism throughout the Southern Baptist Convention. There are, of course, wonderful exceptions in many places including here in Texas. Let’s hear from these leaders who are finding a way to reverse negative trends. I’ve invited some of our best preachers and most effective Great Commission practitioners to address us. This year’s convention preaching will all be focused on the theme of reaching the lost.

We are also planning excellent panel discussions for our breakouts focusing on outreach and revitalization in the post-COVID world. The music will be provided by Hyde Park Baptist Church’s “Choir of Fire” and our band, orchestra and praise teams. The convention’s worship leader will be Mickey Henderson, the well-known Worship Pastor at Hyde Park Baptist Church. Our special guest artist will be the incredible Julio Arriola. Julio is a world-class worship leader with a heart for God who currently serves as executive director of Hispanic relations and mobilization at the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee. You will be blessed by this gifted singer. 

I’m also really excited about something extra special. The SBTC will offer “a gift to the Body of Christ” on Tuesday night when we offer a dynamic citywide prayer gathering for spiritual awakening.  Dr. Ronnie Floyd, president and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, has agreed to speak and assist in leading the prayer gathering.  Prior to his role with the Executive Committee, Dr. Floyd was one of the most evangelistic pastors in the SBC and has served as president of the National Day of Prayer.  For years he has led by example and in numerous leadership roles calling on the SBC family to prayer and revival.  I’m thrilled he has agreed to come to our convention in November. 

Julio Arriola and the Hyde Park praise team will lead worship, and we will invite believers from across this highly unchurched city to join us as we cry out for God’s touch for revival. Imagine hundreds of Christian brothers and sisters appealing to heaven to revive his work and heal our land. Imagine the testimony to our city as we unite with believers for the common heart cry of spiritual awakening. The entire prayer gathering will be led by SBTC pastors and leaders. 

We are planning and preparing for an exciting and memorable convention, in spite of all of the challenges. We will observe all of the appropriate protocols for the well-being and peace of mind of everyone present, but it won’t be the same without you there. Meet me in Austin Nov. 9-10 as we join Together for the Unfinished Task!