SWBTS General 3

Crossover & Harvest America share timeless gospel message

June 18th, 2017    By: Josie Bingham

Send Luncheon: ‘Evangelize or fossilize’

June 18th, 2017    By: Daryn Sinclair

Women’s ministry leaders asked to muster courage to evangelize

June 2nd, 2017    By: Tammi Reed Ledbetter


May 22nd, 2017    By: Jane Rodgers

‘JESUS’ film, at 1,500 languages, reaches millions

May 17th, 2017    By: Grace Thornton

Small churches play big role in great commission

May 16th, 2017    By: JC Davies

6 Stones leads churches in transforming communities

March 8th, 2017    By: Erin Roach

Platt apologizes for ‘divisive’ IMB amicus brief

February 21st, 2017    By: David Roach

Women share their experiences ministering to Muslims

February 9th, 2017    By: Emily Howsden

El Paso area church takes over local bar

February 6th, 2017    By: Jane Rodgers

Mosque case prompts IMB policy tweak

January 27th, 2017    By: David Roach

Tennessee pastor resigns as IMB trustee

January 24th, 2017    By: Lonnie Wilkey

Teenage refugee finds family through adoption

January 5th, 2017    By: Jane Rodgers

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