SWBTS General 1

The Single Greatest Crisis of Our Day

June 26th, 2017    By: Nathan Lino

Look Like Heaven: Unity Around Jesus

June 19th, 2017    By: Jim Richards

Resolutions: The Heart of Southern Baptists in Brief

June 19th, 2017    By: Gary Ledbetter

Stick Figures as an Act of Worship:

June 12th, 2017    By: Keith Collier

To my three adult children on Father’s Day

June 5th, 2017    By: Gary Ledbetter

The Forgotten Value of Time with our Children

June 5th, 2017    By: Evan Lenow

Stay Together and Keep Moving Forward

May 30th, 2017    By: Jim Richards

I am my husband’s safeguard

May 15th, 2017    By: Susie Hawkins

Invest & Invite

May 11th, 2017    By: Juan Sanchez

Lessons in the school of hard knocks

May 4th, 2017    By: Jim Richards

The Reason the World is Watching ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’

April 26th, 2017    By: Julia J. Sadler

Wise as Serpents: Why the SBC adopted a board of trustees model

April 6th, 2017    By: Gary Ledbetter

The Resurrection is Essential to the Gospel

March 28th, 2017    By: Jim Richards

Staggered & Humbled

March 23rd, 2017    By: Jonathan Akin

Unity Accomplishes the Mission

March 16th, 2017    By: Jim Richards

The Cooperative Program accelerates gospel ministry

March 13th, 2017    By: Joe Davis

Praise the Lord & Pass the Plate

March 3rd, 2017    By: Diana Davis

Amateurs at the Top

March 2nd, 2017    By: Gary Ledbetter

Texan Legacy: Leaving a Legacy of Faith

March 2nd, 2017    By: Jeff Steed

Choosing Your Neighbor

February 28th, 2017    By: Terry Sharp

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