To my granddaughters

August 2nd, 2018    By: Gary Ledbetter

God working through our efforts together

July 23rd, 2018    By: Jim Richards

Seven Dangers Facing Your Church

July 23rd, 2018    By: Juan Sanchez

Seven steps when seeking God’s will

July 12th, 2018    By: Chuck Lawless

Christian, lead the way in showing respect

July 9th, 2018    By: Dick Sisk

Patriotism in church?

July 3rd, 2018    By: Gary Ledbetter

Five takeaways from the Southern Baptist Convention

June 22nd, 2018    By: Jim Richards

Seeing Heaven on Earth

June 22nd, 2018    By: Joshua Crutchfield

What I saw at the 2018 SBC

June 20th, 2018    By: Gary Ledbetter

My prayer for the SBC

May 29th, 2018    By: Jim Richards

Splitting the Southern Baptist Convention

May 29th, 2018    By: Gary Ledbetter

A Call to 2018 SBC Messengers

May 29th, 2018    By: Juan Sanchez

God’s Word for Families

April 24th, 2018    By: Jim Richards

Politics, civility and SBC leadership

April 17th, 2018    By: Gary Ledbetter

Bluebonnets and the Resurrection

April 17th, 2018    By: Joshua Crutchfield

Why attend denominational meetings?

March 30th, 2018    By: Gary Ledbetter

5 ways to be “ALL IN” through the Cooperative Program

March 20th, 2018    By: Jim Richards

CP: Are You All-In?

March 1st, 2018    By: Juan Sanchez

Entrusted: A Gospel Legacy for the Coming Generations Part 3

February 22nd, 2018    By: Jim Richards

Our path takes us somewhere

February 20th, 2018    By: Gary Ledbetter

Recovering the most neglected spiritual discipline

February 5th, 2018    By: Joshua Crutchfield

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