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A path toward greater intimacy with Christ

January 17th, 2017    By: Nathan Lino

The issue of our day, still

January 5th, 2017    By: Gary Ledbetter

We Can’t Be Pro-life If We’re Not Anti-Poverty

January 4th, 2017    By: Katie McCoy

2016: Year in Review

January 2nd, 2017    By: Jim Richards

Christmas, at Last

November 21st, 2016    By: Gary Ledbetter

8 Mistakes We Make On Short-Term Mission Trips

November 15th, 2016    By: Shane Pruitt

The Value of Our Annual Meeting for Kingdom Advance

October 31st, 2016    By: Jim Richards

BUYING PROPERTY? Churches Have Negotiating Power

October 31st, 2016    By: Jeff Steed

Preach about the church to the church

October 31st, 2016    By: Keith Collier

What will people say at my funeral?

October 26th, 2016    By: Gary Ledbetter

The Greatest Chapter in the Bible

October 24th, 2016    By: Steven Smith & Nathan Lino

5 Reasons You’ll Want to be in Austin in November

October 5th, 2016    By: Nathan Lino

When Tears Arrive (Bereavement Ministry Ideas)

September 30th, 2016    By: Diana Davis

What I’ve Learned in Pastoral Ministry

September 26th, 2016    By: Jim Richards

Feed the sheep

September 23rd, 2016    By: Gary Ledbetter

A Voter’s Self Interest

September 13th, 2016    By: Gary Ledbetter

10 Ways to Practice Normal Evangelism

September 8th, 2016    By: Juan Sanchez

It’s election year, but January Is coming

September 5th, 2016    By: Gary Ledbetter

Total Dependence on God

August 25th, 2016    By: Jim Richards

Take your evangelism to another level

August 10th, 2016    By: Nathan Lorick

Reflections on time with gospel warriors in closed countries

July 27th, 2016    By: Nathan Lino

Do All Lives Really Matter?

July 15th, 2016    By: Terry Turner

Weeping with those who weep

July 8th, 2016    By: J. Josh Smith

Richards responds to racial tensions, violence in America

July 8th, 2016    By: Jim Richards

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