Evangelism 2021 (part 2)

January 25th, 2021    By: Kie Bowman

Boring but important

January 25th, 2021    By: Gary Ledbetter

Evangelism 2021

January 5th, 2021    By: Kie Bowman

Is being ‘pro-life’ pro-life enough?

December 30th, 2020    By: Gary Ledbetter

Our help comes from the LORD!

December 30th, 2020    By: Jim Richards

Shining in the night

December 14th, 2020    By: Gary Ledbetter

Let’s refocus now

November 24th, 2020    By: Gary Ledbetter

What if we prayed?

November 24th, 2020    By: Kie Bowman

How Southern Baptists can reach a $175 million LMCO goal

November 23rd, 2020    By: Paul Chitwood

Give thanks in all things

October 22nd, 2020    By: Jim Richards

A church is more than just a crowd

October 22nd, 2020    By: Gary Ledbetter

Feeling my way through a global pandemic

October 22nd, 2020    By: Kie Bowman

It’s your life, but there’s more

September 24th, 2020    By: Gary Ledbetter

Gathering together

September 24th, 2020    By: Jim Richards

Meet me in Austin!

September 24th, 2020    By: Kie Bowman

First Person: Thoughts on (soul) winning with Bobby Bowden

September 16th, 2020    By: Paul Chitwood

Don’t be afraid to say ‘no,’ sometimes

September 8th, 2020    By: Gary Ledbetter

The Unfinished Task

September 3rd, 2020    By: Kie Bowman

A warrior not ashamed

August 27th, 2020    By: Gary Ledbetter

The SBTC and Vision 2021

August 27th, 2020    By: Jim Richards

Get the most out of your Bible reading today

August 18th, 2020    By: Tony Wolfe

Black Lives Matter? Embracing the proclamation or the organization

August 5th, 2020    By: Kelvin Cochran

How to pray for missionaries displaced by COVID-19

July 28th, 2020    By: Samuel Brittain

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