SWBTS General 2

Financial stewardship is a heart matter, panel says

August 17th, 2017    By: Erin Roach

Hixson named SBTC missions director, Pruitt moves to evangelism director

August 17th, 2017    By: Tammi Reed Ledbetter

Juan Sanchez to be nominated as SBTC president

August 17th, 2017    By: Keith Collier

Sam Porter named national director for disaster relief

August 8th, 2017    By: Josie Bingham

Women’s ministry leaders asked to muster courage to evangelize

August 7th, 2017    By: Tammi Reed Ledbetter

SBC 2018 annual meeting in Dallas doubles as missions opportunity

July 24th, 2017    By: Tammi Reed Ledbetter

Bible Drill yields spiritual benefits for children, parents

July 20th, 2017    By: Jane Rodgers

Perdue commissioned as ‘missionary’ to Trump cabinet

July 18th, 2017    By: David Roach

CBF seeks direction amid diverse views on LGBT issues

July 14th, 2017    By: David Roach

Texas Baptists Committed ceases operations

July 12th, 2017    By: Keith Collier

Field Ministry Strategists: Point Men for the SBTC

July 4th, 2017    By: Jane Rodgers

SBTC launches Women’s Prayer Network

June 29th, 2017    By: JC Davies

Crossover & Harvest America share timeless gospel message

June 18th, 2017    By: Josie Bingham

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