Mission Lab

Texas churches prepare 11 new IMB missionaries

November 26th, 2018    By: Sue Sprenkle

The ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the SBTC

November 13th, 2018    By: Gary Ledbetter

SBTC Leaders support nomination of Chitwood to lead IMB

November 6th, 2018    By: Stephanie Heading, SBTC, and Julie McGowan, IMB

McKissic sermon restored to SWBTS website

October 26th, 2018    By: Rob Collingsworth

Race relating

October 24th, 2018    By: Bonnie Pritchett

All 3 SBTC officers to be renominated

October 24th, 2018    By: Michael Foust

Florence and Michael giving made easier

October 16th, 2018    By: Jane Rodgers

Moving forward: Sexual assault and the church

October 16th, 2018    By: Bonnie Pritchett

SBTC annual meeting provides fellowship opportunities Nov. 12-13

September 4th, 2018    By: Stephanie Heading

Youth Week draws multi-ethnic participation

August 29th, 2018    By: Kaylan Preuss

New church plants deep roots via Reach Texas Missions Offering

August 27th, 2018    By: Karen L. Willoughby

Long-term commitment aids Czech church growth

August 23rd, 2018    By: Bonnie Pritchett

Pastors strive for unity and racial reconciliation

August 20th, 2018    By: Tammi Reed Ledbetter

Speakers’ Tourney yields lasting fruit

August 10th, 2018    By: Kaylan Preuss

Georgia DR interns spend summer serving in Houston

August 6th, 2018    By: Jane Rodgers

SBC resolutions affirm women, denounce abuse

June 25th, 2018    By: Tom Strode

Anonymous donor gives $5 million to Criswell College

June 25th, 2018    By: Rob Collingsworth

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