Issue #51

July 15, 2015

Cover Story: Hanging in the Balance

Court Rulings Define New Age for Religious Convictions, Liberties

 In the span of a week, three court rulings challenged the conservative religious convictions of millions of Americans. All three of these decisions—and the many more to come—symbolize a shift in the culture and the power of the courts that jeopardize religious liberty.

Other Stories:

  • Closure of Texas abortion clinics halted by Supreme Court
  • Baptist colleges must provide insurance coverage for contraception, abortifacients
  • COLUMN: Your children & same-sex marriage
  • Persecution turns Pakistani Christian into international church planter
  • At the Movies: Michael Foust reviews Terminator Genisys, Disney Pixar’s Inside OutMax, and Ted 2. Each brief includes post-movie discussion topics to help parents capitalize on teachable moments.